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My girls asked me recently what food we had at our wedding, and when I replied saying we had had canapes, roast lamb and pudding they said we were boring. When we got married, most people were very traditional and that was the way we went. At each table we nominated a carver, and they were presented with a leg of lamb to carve. If all the people on the table did not know each other this soon broke any ice. Robin & I cannot even remember what canapes and pudding we had, although I am sure we debated what to have for a while. 

Although lots of couples do still choose a traditional three course meal, this is by no means the norm, and couples realise it is their wedding, so they can have whatever they like. When couples come and view Furtho Events Barn I send them our supplier list, and help to point them in the right direction of suppliers who will suit them - but I often wonder if they look at the list of caterers, and wonder where to start. So today I decided to tell you about some of the people who have served food glorious food at our Furtho weddings in the past.

We have been lucky that our couples like to explore different food options, and they have introduced us to lots of wonderful suppliers;although I do now warn couples to make sure that if their caterers are not on our supplier list, that they get a good recommendation from someone who's used them before. Twice we have had caterers which have not been up to scratch - and one of those times it meant Robin, myself and our children serving the food to 120 guests as the caterers staff did not turn up;and the other time involved me making an emergency trip to the supermarket, as the caterers did not have any bread or salad to serve with the pate for starters. In fact, when the chef arrived, he asked me what the menu was - which definitely made me worry!

Anyway, no more horror stories;the below suppliers have always been great, and I'm very happy to recommend them to anyone planning an upcoming event:


Devine Betty's 

When Emma & Liz are here, I always know that the wedding guests are in for a treat. The flavours they create in their food are simply amazing and they are real foodies. I have just read loads of wonderful reviews on their website, and to me these quotes sum them up:

"Devine Betty's don't just provide a service;they share their passion and you just know you are in the best hands"

"We told Devine Betty's our budget and they came up with an excellent menu."



Devine Bettys 1
Devine Bettys 2a
Devine Bettys 3a



Devine Bettys 2
Devine Bettys 5
Devine Bettys 6



Devine Bettys 7
Devine Bettys 8
Devine Bettys 9


Creative Event Services

I really do not know where to start writing about Creative Event Services, as they really have served up a wide variety of food here at Furtho. Robin &I used them for our 40th birthday party, a few years ago, when they got out their big pans and served paella & a chilli;but they have also done three course meals, afternoon teas, BBQs and hog roasts.

Although they do have set up menus, I know they will serve up whatever you would like.


Anderson Catering

Anderson Catering is a local family firm providing good quality catering for both private and corporate events. They have a flexible approach and work with clients to meet their individual requirements. They specialise in 'hot fork buffets' and 'bowl food' dinners - allowing you to extend choice and flavour to your guests. They have also served up afternoon teas here at Furtho.


Saf's Kitchen

I met Saf last year when she held a pop-up event at Furtho, as well as catering for one of our weddings. She has been back a few times since and her food is just amazing.  Another very local supplier, being based in Wolverton, I am sure you will not be disappointed with her homemade Punjabi food which is served with lots of love &laughter. Saf's Kitchen is a real family affair, with Ishy her husband working alongside her.



Saf's Kitchen 1
Saf's Kitchen 2
Saf's Kitchen 3




Traditional Italian food is what Sara creates, and she also runs a deli where they sell fresh, local and homemade produce. I have had the pleasure of going to a 50th where Squisito served lots of bowl food, as well as seeing them here at Furtho a number of times, when we've always had great feedback. Fabulous authentic homemade Italian food.



Squisito 3.png_1593618497
Squisito 4.png_1593618552



Ian Brodie Catering

Ian &Tina serve a wide range of food from hog roasts to BBQ, burger bar, afternoon teas, Ploughman's lunches, family style dining, and canapes.

A local farmer who went into catering over 20 years ago, he started with turkey burgers and hog roast, and now does a wide range. Do go and take a look at his website where their prices and options are clearly shown. 


Huntsman Catering

Spit roasts - BBQ - Ice Cream Tricycle are the areas that Huntsman Catering can help you with. They have been here a number of times and we're always happy to see them.



If you are after a food van there are now a great selection to choose from and many are local small suppliers. 

Jug Jug Jano is Saf Kitchen's new food truck. All the same great food and service straight from the little lorry.

Saf's Kichen 4

Bandit Street Food

This lovely van has been to Furtho a few times and I recently had their food at Eat Street at York House in Stony Stratford. So, as they put it online "Bandit Street Food is the culmination of two men's obsession with street food, barbecue and sandwiches. Our food is a unique blend of Americana, Asian and English influence. Each sandwich is born out of an obsessive love of food from all over the world, be that our Katsu curry inspired Katsu Yakusa or our slow roasted beef brisket in our John Dillinger, you can be assured that your experience with Bandit will be one of a kind."

Well I tried the Katsu Yakusa and it was delicious. The food was served quickly and efficiently, which is always important when serving a lot of people.


Howe & Co Fish &Chips

Whenever I mention these guys most people comment they have a fish & chip round near them that Howe &Co do. They have been serving fish & chips since 1930 and I personally think they do the best fish & chips. We have had their vans here loads of times and they are the only fish &chip van I recommend as I simply think they are the best in the area.

Howe &Co

Pizzas  as everyone seems to love pizza, and I love all three companies, I recommend here it might just be a matter of which you prefer and who can do your date.


Pizza of Dreams

These were the first pizza trailer we had here at a wedding many years ago. You have the option of a Classic Citroen HY Pizza van or a Vintage Rice horse box. Having just read their menu online I am now feeling hungry and especially fancy the breakfast pizza.


Hidden Gem Pizza

Ben &Natalie have been to Furtho a number of times and their food and service is always great - we even bumped into them serving pizza at Aintree one year for the Grand National meeting. They serve wood fired pizza out of a vintage green horse box.


Giuseppes Pizzeria

Set up in 2018 Giuseppees now have three vans serving pizza, ice cream and coffee. Based in Milton Keynes, they have been here at Furtho a number of times this year. Here is what they do

Giuseppe is the founder of Giuseppees Pizzeria and has catered for many weddings, creating a bespoke pizza menu for you which is personalised plus you get to keep the A1 sized menu as a souvenir. The van also caters for vegan & gluten free. Barista hot drinks are also available.

The team can produce around 100 pizzas an hour so no long waiting times as per normal pizza vans!

Their signature sour dough is made fresh daily with Italian '00' flour &  fermented for 24 hours.

The tomato sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves.

Toppings are fresh and mainly imported from Italy, from Prosciutto di Parma, Spicy 'Nduja sausage from Calabria, Napoli Salsiccia (sausage) from Naples to name just a few & sliced daily.

They also have a  modern ice cream van - specialising in tradition and new fashion ice creams - from Oreo to Biscoff & hot waffle desserts - the van is big enough for you to enter and have photos taken serving your guests as you can see from their Facebook page.

To complete the occasion if required, they have an Italian Piaggio 3-wheeler coffee van which is rather quaint at any event.


Cantina Carnitas

Another lovely supplier, introduced to me a few years ago by a couple who chose them for their wedding. They will create a unique wedding breakfast, or evening wedding fiesta. Just great Mexican food.

As they say, "Bring some Mexican Sunshine to your wedding".


Good Times Cafe


Now I think this is perfect food for late evening when guests might be getting the munches. They serve up lovely cheese toasties from their Classic Citroen HY Van which I have tried a few times down at York House in Stony Stratford when they host EAT Street.

If you are after a food van but not sure what you fancy go and meet them at one of the local street food events start by having a look at Eat Street at York House in Stony Stratford.




That's a summary of some top suppliers we've had here, and I hope it's given you some inspiration for choosing a caterer for your event. I'm always happy to chat about these things, so if you would like any more information about one of them, or have something else in mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email


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