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Furtho Manor Farm


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Photographers do love that here at Furtho Manor Farm we have loads of choices for where they can take couples to get those lovely pictures of just them.  Whatever the time of year and weather, there is somewhere to have your photos taken. In this blog I show lots of photos of real weddings with the photographers' names under the picture.


The Ceremony   

At Furtho we are licensed for you to have a marriage or civil ceremony in three locations the barn, ceremony room or down at the gazebo.


Furtho Manor Farm Wedding Venue photo by 1st Class Wedding Photography
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C3 LSL Photography.png_1593707023



The Gazebo

Photos can be taken down at the gazebo either during a ceremony or at any other point of the day.



Gazebo 1.png_1593707953
Gazebo 2.png_1593707886
Gazebo 3.png_1593707995




Just across the field from our wedding barn sits a medieval Church great for photos inside or out



Church 1.png_1593783083
Church outside Couple photo



Church 3.png_1593760354
Church 4.png_1593760388
Church 5.png_1593760463



Inside the Church 


Inside 1.png_1593761305
Inside 2.png_1593761346
Inside 3.png_1593761393



Inside 4.png_1593761966
Inside 5.png_1593762001
Inside 6.png_1593762042



The Dovecote 

Is the only other medieval building remaining from the village of Furtho, the stonework on this building is great as a photo backdrop.



Dovecote 1.png_1593762848
Dovecote 2.png_1593762931
Dovecote 3.png_1593762986



With the wedding barn as a backdrop 


Barn 1.png_1593784630
Barn 2.png_1593784057




Inside the barn - Traditionally guests are seated at their tables for the wedding reception and then the bridal couple are announced, this is another time to capture the bridal couple as they come into the barn together.


Barn 3 (1).png_1593784150
Barn 3 (2).png_1593784373



Inside the Barn

Often after decorating the barn amazingly, it is forgotten about for photos, but it is lovely to have some pictures of it all ready for the party.


Barn 5 (1).png_1593784287



Cake Cutting



Cake 1.png_1593763595
Cake 2.png_1593763651
Cake 3.png_1593763853




Farm Barns


Farm Barn 1.png_1593795623
Farm Barn 2.png_1593795745


Barn 3.png_1593764872
Barn 4.png_1593764912
Barn 5.png_1593764973


Barn 6.png_1593765556
Barn 7.png_1593765592
Barn 8.png_1593765772



The Fields


Fields 1.png_1593796835
Fields 2.png_1593796925


Field 3.png_1593799180
Field 4.png_1593799218
Field 5.png_1593799260



Field 7.png_1593799310
Field 8.png_1593799369
Field 9.png_1593799408



Farmhouse Garden 

Often the garden is used for photos of the bride and bridesmaids if they have got ready in the farmhouse but couples are also very welcome to come and use it for the backdrop for some of their photos.


Garden 1.png_1593797099
Garden 2.png_1593797218



To the left of the Church is a small band of trees 





The Lake 


Lake 1.png_1593797313
Lake 2.png_1593797408



Lake 3.png_1593799935
Lake 4.png_1593799987
Lake 5.png_1593800036



Lake 6.png_1593797572
Lake 7.png_1593797718



The Drive


Drive 1.png_1593797802
Drive 2.png_1593797871


Drive 3.png_1593797946
Drive 4.png_1593798009



The Dancefloor



Dance 1.png_1593767041
Dance 2 .png_1593766947
Dance 3.png_1593766991



Night time photos

It obviously depends on what time of year how late your photographer needs to stay to get a few photos in the dark for you, but they can create something rather wonderful.


Night 1.png_1593767547
Night 2.png_1593767563
Night 3.png_1593767616




To view even more photos of the venue have a look at our brochure Furtho Manor Farm e-brochure and if you would like more information on the venue please email

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